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Kiss Me Mr. Musk

Kiss Me Mr. Musk

Created by the Ensemble

Text by Genevieve de Mahy, T Canady, B Kleymeyer

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Baird

Directed by B Kleymeyer

Video and Media Design by Kolton Cotton

Set Design by Sierra Ho

Lighting Design by Helen Garcia-Alton

Props/Puppets Design by Cyd Cohn

Costume Design by Grace Santamaria

Photos by Caitlin Moore Photography


Theatre Bloom

Pink Milk

Pink Milk

Written and Composed by Ariel Zetina
Directed by B Kleymeyer
Set Design by Alison Campbell
Lighting Design by Cheryl Williams
Props Design by Mika Nikano
Costume Design by Susan McCorkle
Dramaturgy by Abby Cady

Portfolio: Gallery

Safe Space

Safe Space

Written by R. Eric Thomas
Directed by B Kleymeyer
Set Design by Sam Martin
Lighting Design by Avi Sheehan
Costume Design by Sharlene Clinton
Sound Design by Meghan Stanton

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