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i think i'm starting to want to be a mother

i think i'm starting to want to be a mother

created and directed by B Kleymeyer

Adapted from Euripides' Electra

Scenic Design by Yafei Hu

Costume Design by Izzy Kitch

Lighting Design by Zhengdao (Ernest) Wan

Sound Design by Emily Brunner

Media Design by Kolton Cotton

Dramaturg by Levi Chaplin-Loebell

Stage Manager Gabrielle Harper

Fight and Intimacy Choreographer  Lisa Velten Smith


Performed by 

Cordelia June Reynolds, Cayden Mccoy, Liz Leclerc, Anya Edwards, Mathilde Prosen-Oldani, Ted Guzman, Darryl Ifote, Harper York

Production Manager Megan Hanna 

Project Manager David Martin Sunderland

Job Lead Hsin Ting Chen 

Props Manager Todd R. Kulik

Props Coordinator Kristin Ward

Scenic Charge Artist Beth Zamborsky

Lead Scenic Artist  Janelle Mosovsky

Wardrobe Supervisor Jennifer Marks

Draper Becca Wood 

Lighting Programmer Logan Donahue

Lighting Manager Jessica Winward

Sound Engineer Tate Abdullah

Media Engineer Matthias Neckermann

Assistant Director Annaliese Pfeiffer

Assistant Production Manager Kelsey Harlow

Assistant Stage Manager Kiana Carbone

Assistant Dramaturg Ursula Sturgeon

Assistant Scene Design Phoebe Huggett

Assistant Costume Design Harumi Hirata

Assistant Lighting Design E. Lieu Wolhardt 

Assistant Media Design Sophia Coscia



Moira Doolittle

Allison Dorsey 

Kylie Edwards

Karter Labarre

Seva Lebedev

Helen Maleeny

Claire Roberts

Stephen Tao

Photos by Louis Stein and


i'm not done with this body (and i never will be)

i'm not done with this body (and i never will be)

Created as part of

Kelly Strayhorn Theatre's Freshworks Residency


Directed by B Kleymeyer

Performed by

Moire del Carmen

Natalya Chorba

Jazmine Butterfly

Music by Ari Artemus


Lighting support Kari Womack

Sound Support Brit Pierce

Video Support Kolton Cotton


Filmed by John Hartwell and Parker Stephens


Adult Things