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Adult Things

Asst Director Cole Schubert

Asst Production Manager Brynn Sklar

Asst Stage Manager Allie Blaylock

Project Manager Victor Gutierrez

Job Lead Akshatha Srivastava

Asst Costume Designer Bunny Brand

Asst Lighting Designer Bishop Sforza

Assoc Lighting Designer Xotchil Musser

Asst Sound Engineer Iris Chiu

Asst Media Deisgner Lilian Kim

Media Engineer Bahaar Esfahani

photos by Pablo D. Anton

Adult Things

by DJ Hills

directed by B Kleymeyer


produced by Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

March 1-3, 2023

Dramaturg Rowan Dunlop

Production Manager Gabby Harper

Stage Manager Maureen Pace

Scenic Designer Elena Delvecchio

Costume Designer Meena Romsaas
Lighting Designer Ernest Wan

Sound Designer Daniel Ocanto

Media Designer Reiley Nymeyer

Performed by Antione Gray Jr., Kyra Klonoski, Moire del Carmen Día, Trey Caperton, Annalisa D'Aguilar, Mari Garzon Toro, Alex Sheffield, Olivia DeWaart

Kiss Me Mr. Musk

Kiss Me Mr. Musk

Created by the Ensemble

Text by Genevieve de Mahy, T Canady, B Kleymeyer

Music and Lyrics by Daniel Baird

Directed by B Kleymeyer

Video and Media Design by Kolton Cotton

Set Design by Sierra Ho

Lighting Design by Helen Garcia-Alton

Props/Puppets Design by Cyd Cohn

Costume Design by Grace Santamaria

Photos by Caitlin Moore Photography


Theatre Bloom

Pink Milk

Pink Milk

Written and Composed by Ariel Zetina
Directed by B Kleymeyer
Set Design by Alison Campbell
Lighting Design by Cheryl Williams
Props Design by Mika Nikano
Costume Design by Susan McCorkle
Dramaturgy by Abby Cady

Portfolio: Gallery

Safe Space