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As Others Have Before|IN DEVELOPMENT

created by B Kleymeyer

Development Support Provided by

Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry

Fiscal Sponsor Partner

Pittsburgh Arts and Media

As Others Have Before is a lecture-performance-ritual that uses stories of trans women in love and loss to imagine who will own our memory when we are gone. The piece begins as a sharing of ephemera (photographs, journal entries, and doctor’s notes) from Greer Lankton’s life during her marriage with Paul Monroe and from there fractures into a collage of stories of trans relationships, memory, archive, and isolation. 


When Greer Lankton died, an archive of her life was created between Pittsburgh’s Mattress Factory and her family. Parallel to this effort, Greer Lankton’s former husband made a collection to memorialize his impression of the artist. Our legacy will always be entwined in our relationships. The story of us that is told after we are gone will always be someone's subjective retelling. 


Stories of trans women are often mediated through our complex relationships with legal systems, healthcare providers, families, and communities. Too often we are talked about, not to. For me, the most exciting thing Greer left behind is extensive journals full of her story of herself, her transition, and her relationship with Paul. Engaging with Greer’s story is an opportunity for living trans artists to dream an archive of our own.

Workshop Reading coming in October 2024

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