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About me.

I am a director, writer, and adapter of theatre, performance, and film.

More about me.

I am devoted to the creation of new work. Joining collaborators to bring something from the seed of an idea to performance is the greatest joy I have found. For me, new work takes one of three forms. First, I often find myself drawn to transforming classical texts through a postdramatic framework, using our collective past to envision possible futures. A large part of my practice has also been ethnographic fieldwork of trans communities outside of preconceived ideas of cultural hubs. Through an iterative process of interviewing and devising, I create fictional performances out of communal realities. These performances are then shared back to the community and conclude with time dedicated to storytelling and resource-sharing between the performers and audiences. The last branch of my creative work is assisting queer and trans playwrights in the development of new plays. Working as a doula, an editor, and a partner to help other queer artists strive towards their potential. I delight in giving myself over to the worlds invented by people much more imaginative than me. I love gleefully flying over the landscape together and showing them the details they created but haven’t noticed. All of my work centers around this action, pointing to things other people already have, in hopes that they might start to see themselves, their work, or their community in a new way. The way I do; full of love and with an eagerness to know more. 


As a director, my first love was working with an ensemble. Committing to training, making, and experimenting together. Allowing ourselves to grow together, to fail together, to get back up and try again together. I lead a process from curiosity, unsure what we are going to make, but confident we will get there together when the time is right. My work and my trans body are intrinsically linked in this. I like to create an environment that allows us to work slowly and carefully when we need to and to make a mess when we want to. 

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