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B Kleymeyer

Theatre · Performance · Film

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I am a transgender director of theatre, performance, and film. I build work like I build my body, my family, my home; my work is perpetually in process, eternally iterating, incessantly welcoming of change and company. For me, everything is a collage, I’m constantly stitching together, ripping apart, gluing on top of. I embrace the harmony of contradictions. The mechanical and the human, the infinitesimal and the gigantic, the beautiful and the grotesque.


I like theatre that is impossible, spiritual, joyful, and makes me laugh.

I am drawn to what makes me anxious: Balancing on one foot atop a small chair, a steady drip of water, a chorus of a hundred spiders tap dancing. I am inspired by Ladders, Mirrors, Shadows, Long Fabric Trains, Swinging from a Rope into a Puddle of Mud, Cutting the String of a Pearl Necklace and Watching the Pearls Bounce Away, Queer Sex, Transgressive Women, a Slow Dance with the Enemy at the End of Act 1.

I believe in Ensemble. Allowing ourselves to grow together, to fail together, to try again together. To push against the pressures of time and competition. My work and my body are intrinsically linked in this, too.


My work is a collective prayer, a model of the world I wish to build, a place of transformation. I am a trans woman, and I am an auteur.

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